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The barefoot clinics generate large numbers of patients rapidly, soon treating up to 100 patients per day. As patients discover what acupuncture can do for them, they spread the word and their next visit is frequently accompanied by the rest of their family and friends, also wanting treatment.

We treat a wide variety of illnesses, but the most common problems are pain-related, due to the demanding lifestyle of local people. In these areas, where there is frequently no running water or electricity,  no mod cons, everything is reduced to the absolute basics…  work and daily life are hard.

Painful, swollen knees are high on the list, as is back pain – both of which are debilitating & can interfere with the ability to work. Chronic pain can therefore be a threat to a patient’s livelihood. Our acupuncture treatments relieve pain and inflammation quickly.  We also have great results in managing asthma, hypertension and paralysis. Other common complaints are gastro-intestinal and gynaecological complaints.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is surprisingly common. This is thought to be due to the habitual  overuse of salt in their often meagre meals. Barefoot Clinics’ statistics show a 90% success rate in reducing high blood pressure and maintaining it at normal levels. We also spend time educating patients about blood pressure, explaining the need to reduce salt in the diet and the importance of regular BP checks for maintaining normal blood pressure, in preventing strokes.

Our paralysis patients, mostly stroke related, have shown remarkable changes – a new soft opening of the hand and wiggling of the fingers in previously immobilised and unresponsive hands, with a much greater flexibility of wrists and ankle, for example. Patients can be seen walking more easily; more upright, with less lilt and with less drag of the feet.

Locals welcome the services with gratitude and will often walk for hours to reach the clinics, where their pains and problems are being helped quickly and easily, without any side-effects.